Cinevate Duzi 4 Professional Camera Slider

Even with the arrival of gimbals such as the DJI Ronin M and low cost ones like the Zhiyun crane the portable slider is a vital part of many videographers kits.  All genre of filmmakers from Wedding to YouTube tech reviewers incorporate a manual slider into many of their productions.  The process of selecting one that's best for you comes down to performance, mobility, features and.  Enter the Cinevate Duzi 4.  

Having purchased a cheap slider previously I was very discouraged with the lack of friction when attempting slow slides which require a steady hand and very consistent movements.  So I started looking for a slider that offered a flywheel to provide the weighted inertia for slow steady slides .  

There are many options in this category among them the Rhino Evo, the iFootage Shark and Kessler's CineSlider to name a few.  The way these incorporate a flywheel though was through a belt system with the flywheel attached externally.  Belt systems generally require more maintenance than a regular slider due to the belts "memory" so I delayed purchasing one until I found the Duzi 4.   

In addition to having a flywheel built into the camera carriage itself the Duzi 4 packs a lot of features including:

  • Solid carbon rails (100lbs capacity)
  • Integrated bumpers on end blocks
  • Integrated bubble level
  • 8 precision roller bearings
  • Micro adjusting ball feet
  • Integrated brake
  • Cheesed out bottom and top plates
  • Compatible with Modo time-lapse system

The Duzi 4 retails at $459 for the 24" version (on-board flywheel included) and $489 for the 32".  Compared to it's competition the Rhino Evo is $500 (with no Flywheel) the inclusion of the flywheel makes the Duzi the better buy, as long as you don't need all terrain legs.  A 24" Rhino Evo with a Flywheel will cost you $575.

Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider