Create a Video LUT File in Adobe Lightroom

I had four years into my photography career before I even started experimenting with video.  The learning curve was a bit steep for me, and a lot of things seemed awkward or just more difficult to do.  When it came to color grading, I was struggling to get similar results to many of the "signature" looks I had perfected in Lightroom over the years.  

I finally found something that would help me get those back.  A plug-in called Export LUT by John Rellis was my salvation.  This plug-in lets me import a frame from my video into Lightroom where I can color grade to my hearts content, I can even use presets (which I've amassed quite a few over the years).  Once I'm happy with the look, Export LUT performs it's magic.  Essentially it's using the delta from the original image and the final look to create a LUT file which you can use in most video editing I said, magic.

The video will walk you through the entire process of exporting a frame, editing in Lightroom and then back into your video editing software to apply the LUT.  It honestly could not get any easier, and for someone like me that does both photography and videography at a shoot, getting both stills and video to match is amazing.


Export LUT Plug-in

Free LUT Loader for Final Cut Pro X