Edit 4K Videos on Any Computer Using a Proxy Workflow in Adobe Premiere

With 4K and now even 6K video becoming more and more popular we as video editors need systems that can keep up with these huge files.  But what if your system just can't handle editing such large files?  What if you have a MacBook Air and it can barely handle the strain of 1080p, let alone 4K?  Luckily Adobe Premiere makes it super simple to edit these videos in even the slowest of computers using a Proxy Workflow.

A proxy workflow essentially creates smaller files in lower resolutions that are linked to your original files.  When editing Premiere will use these files to preview, scrub and color grade instead of your memory hogging 4K footage.  This will make everything run smoothly and without all the choppiness of an old 2013 MacBook trying to edit 6K footage.