Create an Incrementong Preset Series in Adobe Lightroom

Preset stacks are made from the same preset at various levels of intensity. This allows you to view what an image will look like with a preset applied from 0% through 100%. I’ll walk you through how to setup Lightroom and setup a stack so you can easily select which look you like best.

To solve this dilemma I created "preset stacks" of various intensities so I can quickly go from one preset to the next without having to go into the Fader plug-in each time.


When you have a large collection of presets, going through each one to find the "perfect" one can be tedious.  Add to that a plug-in such as "The Fader" which allows you to use a slider to determine the intensity of each preset and your task has just gotten much more complicated.  

If you've purchased preset packs from various companies like VSCO you already know what they are as they are designated with +, ++, or -, -- to let you know that version of the preset is a more, or less intense.  

Using this method you'll increase your productivity and get to what is important...creating that final image.



The Fader Lightroom Plug-in

Excessor Lightroom Plug-in