USB Battery Powered Camera

If you're shooting video or timelapses you probably have a slew of batteries on hand in order to keep up with your camera's "hunger". This tutorial will show you how to use a USB battery which has 5 to 8 times as capacity to power your camera for hours on end.

Materials List:


Capacity Comparison:

The Anker is roughly 8 times the capacity of a standard G85/G7 battery and about 5 times the capacity of a Nikon EN-EL15 battery.  In my initial tests I was able to run my G85 4 hours and the Anker Battery depleted about 50%.  I was getting around an hour and a half with the OEM batteries.

Panasonic Lumix G85/G7 Batteries: 1,200 MaH
Nikon D810 EN-EL15 Batteries: 1,900 MaH
Anker Battery Bank: 10,000 MaH



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